• StPetersPrint_99.jpgPolo shirt (navy, green sleeves with white piping and individual school logo)
  • Shorts or skorts option (navy with St Agnes’ Parish logo)
  • Socks (navy with green stripe)
  • Hat (navy with individual school logo)
  • Tracksuit with pants and jacket to add warmth in colder months (navy soft-shell jacket with green side panels, white piping and individual school logo; navy pants with St Agnes’ Parish logo).


  • Black (no other colours) polishable shoes – to be worn on regular school days.
  • Joggers are to be worn only on sports days. Note: if a student has black polishable leather joggers, these can be worn every day.


  • A school hat is required to be worn correctly, and a policy of ‘NO HAT – Sit in the shade’ applies
  • Jewellery is not permitted to be worn with the exception of simple studs or sleepers, medical bracelets, signet rings or small cross necklace
  • Hair should be neat, clean and of the student’s natural colour. Hair should be styled off the face for both
    boys and girls. Extremes in hairstyles are not permitted. Long hair must be tied back from the face in the
    interests of hygiene and safety using elastic, ribbon or headbands in the school colours
  • Nails are to be kept clean and trimmed. Nail polish is not permitted
  • All clothes and personal effects are to be clearly labelled
  • A note is required from parents/carers if there is a change made to any part of the uniform
  • All uniform requirements can be purchased at the St Agnes’ Uniform Store, located on Boronia Street, Port Macquarie, or online at www.saus.org.au. For Opening Hours, please phone the store on 6584 1076 or refer to our website.