Parent Assembly


Parents are the most powerful influence on children's development and well-being. The purpose of the Parent Assembly is to support parents in their role as children’s first and most important teachers and to promote partnerships between home and school. The Parent Assembly is a caring, pastoral, educational, networking, and advocacy organisation.

The objectives of the Parent Assembly are to:

  • accompany families on their spiritual journeys  
  • support all families to raise children and young people capable of leading full and meaningful lives
  • connect parents and carers to their child’s educational experience 
  • facilitating parents to network with and support one another
  • advocate for Catholic schools.

We are asked to nominate at least two parents to be the Parent Assembly representatives for their school. The Parent Assembly Representatives work with the regional coordinator to plan events for parents and carers that provide opportunities to develop:

  • parenting education knowledge
  • faith formation 
  • understanding how to support children’s learning. 

Some popular topics include:

  • Positive parenting strategies
  • Promoting well-being and mental health
  • Parenting teens 
  • Supporting Resilience
  • Tuning in to Kids Emotion Coaching Program
  • Families Faith & Fun
  • Cyber education and online safety
  • Puberty and adolescence
  • Consent and Respectful Relationships
  • Coping with Change and Challenge.

Find out more about the Parent Assembly and the role of our school representatives in the Parent Assembly Handbook.