At St Peter’s, we recognise that quality sport and physical activity at school has a positive influence on students' confidence, competence, health and motivation to be active at school and throughout their life.

Sport plays a significant role in school life, and we recognise that students have different interests and strengths. Students are provided with a wide range of sporting activities and opportunities to compete in school carnivals, Regional, State and National level competitions. 

At St Peter’s, we inspire your child to be active and experience joyful and meaningful competition within our safe learning environment.  We acknowledge the important part that sports can play in the development of teamwork, leadership skills, positive social connections, self-discipline, growth mindset and patience as our students become active and value-based members of society. 

At St Peter’s, we want our students to reach their full potential and experience their personal best, creating life-long memorable moments. Our students can participate in the Diocese of Lismore structured representative sport pathway for students (Years 2 - 12), including multiclass students. 


  • School-based carnivals/trials
  • Diocesan carnivals/ trials
  • NSWCPS – Polding carnivals/trials
  • NSW PSSA carnival/trials
  • Australian National Championships

Creative arts can provide an avenue for students to explore their talents and interests. Students will experience unique learning opportunities in visual arts, music, drama and dance that will invite them to make, appreciate, perform, organise, listen and compose. 

Our passionate teaching staff develop engaging and innovative learning experiences that inspire students to be confident and creative learners and to reach their expressive potential. 

Students at St Peter’s are encouraged to:

  • strengthen their practical skills in an art form
  • immerse themselves in a dynamic creative environment
  • think critically about the arts
  • find new ways of tackling creative challenges.

Students participate in a wide range of opportunities for learning and excellence in performance, exhibitions and creativity, such as: 

  • School Dance Concert at the Glasshouse, where each class prepares and performs a dance with the assistance of a dance teacher in Term 3.

In addition to the classroom Creative Arts curriculum, other activities:

  • Students can choose to prepare and perform with other local schools in the Port Macquarie Dance Eisteddfod. During lunchtimes, students learn and practice a dance routine with a visiting dance teacher, culminating in the performance in September.  
  • Private drama classes are available after school on-site with a qualified, experienced drama teacher. Students can perform individually or in groups in the Port Macquarie Drama Eisteddfod. A performance is also offered to parents later in the year to showcase the work done across the year, at school. 
  • Private and small-group instrumental lessons are available during school hours with qualified, experienced tutors. These lessons are at an extra cost, paid directly to the tutor each term. Timetables are rotated each week, so children do not miss the same classroom work.

St Peter’s enables students to discover, develop and deploy their gifts and talents. Students are encouraged to join:

  • choirs
  • band
  • music tuition
  • drama club
  • dance groups
  • technology and robotics club
  • sports coaching
  • fit club
  • gardening club
  • chess club
  • structured playtime activities
  • Pete’s Readers

PLUS a range of before and after school sporting and leisure activities.