Communication & Reporting


Student / Parent / Teacher Interviews

Student / Parent / Teacher interviews are a critical time when students, teachers and parents or carers meet to discuss both the learning success and the learning needs of the child. At St Peter’s, we provide formal feedback to students and parents through our Semester Reports, which are distributed at the end of Term 2 and Term 4. Staff at St Peter’s are committed to working with parents to encourage and support students in their learning, and there is provision for communication as required by individual families, as well as Student / Parent / Teacher Interviews and information afternoons and/or evenings.

Teachers will also offer an informal 'Meet and Greet' session or information evening early in Term 1 so that parents and carers can meet each other and provide an informal opportunity to share how your child has settled into the new school year. A Year group Term Newsletter will be sent home prior to this opportunity and at the beginning of each term. Parents and carers will also be invited to complete an online survey for their child's class teacher to share information about their child's strengths, interests and areas for support.

All formal Student / Parent / Teacher Interviews and the Meet and Greet timeslot will be booked online.


Communication occurs through the weekly Newsletter, Postman Pete. The Newsletter is available on Friday afternoons during the Term and provides both updates on learning as well as important information for upcoming events. It is imperative that families read this weekly to be informed and connected to their child’s learning. 


Compass is the online platform the school uses for families to engage in all aspects of school life. The platform can be utilised on both an app and a browser. Families will require their own unique username and password to access the Compass platform. 

Please find a PDF document you can view here with information on how to download the Compass platform.  This document details how you can navigate through the app and open it in a browser to access further documents within your Compass portal.

Parent Library

There is an extensive parent section in the school library. Titles include nutrition understanding medical and behavioural concerns.


There are many opportunities for parents and friends to become involved in the life of the school. These range from helping with class reading/educational programs, coaching or assisting with sporting teams, cultural or educational pursuits, working in the canteen, supporting the Parent Assembly and more. 

St Peter’s Primary Parents & Friends Association is an energetic and valued part of the school community, which offers many opportunities for parents and carers to gather and become involved in the life of the school.