Principal's Message


St Peter’s Primary is a place where children are welcomed and provided with a safe and nurturing environment to learn and grow. Children are valued, cared for and respected, as staff work in partnership with their families to achieve our Mission, Vision and Values.


  • Enabling students to achieve the fullness of life


  • Success in learning and life


  • Be like Jesus
  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Learner
  • Be Safe

Our school patron, St Peter, is referred to as the leader or “rock” of the Church, building a strong foundation. He was also an open-hearted, very human person who made mistakes, admitted them and learned from them. He was a leader, a community builder and a man of faith, trust and love. We are proud to model ourselves on St Peter as we continue building on the strong foundation of those who came before us and working together as a community to grow in faith, trust and love.

St Peter's is a three-stream school of approximately 500 students with a strong tradition of inspiring excellence in education, growing in faith, engaging with others in the community, and being sensitive to the pastoral care and well-being of all in our community. The school has a dedicated staff who generously share expertise and talents by providing a broad range of many additional spiritual, educational, cultural and sporting opportunities and experiences.

Teachers work collaboratively to ensure all children experience positive relationships and learn through engaging tasks that build their skills for the future. Children are provided with opportunities to excel in a range of areas both within the school and beyond.

The school has a proud tradition of achieving in

  • academic opportunities such as local, state and national competitions;
  • cultural and community endeavours such as Dance, Drama, Band and Choirs; and
  • a wide range of sporting endeavours with a high level of Regional, Diocesan and State representation.

We recognise that a healthy and active lifestyle is important for children to develop, so our children are encouraged to enjoy playing in a variety of beautiful areas during lunch breaks. There are many sports, games and activities available to engage with talents and interests and to allow children to flourish and develop their skills.

Parents and carers are encouraged to be part of our community in many ways, such as through our Grade Parent Network, volunteering, attending school and community events and supporting children to know that learning is important and valuable to their future.
St Peter's is committed to developing young people who can become confident, skilled and successful members of an evolving society whilst remaining inspired through the example and teachings of Christ.

We welcome you to our community as we share these special years of your child’s educational journey.

Tess Koning