In 2018, St Peter’s completed a building program creating new learning spaces and renovating existing classrooms. All learning spaces are flexible, allowing for smaller learning spaces to be created within rooms or for classes to join together in an open classroom environment. Teachers are able to easily change the size and layout of classrooms to suit different areas of the curriculum, various co-teaching models and the individual learning needs of students.

In addition to this, students access withdrawal rooms, use outdoor learning areas attached to classrooms and utilise our beautiful natural environment to engage in their learning. Our outdoor spaces are vital in developing and nurturing the social and emotional attributes of each child, as well as supporting academic and sporting endeavors.

The outdoor areas at St Peter’s include :

  • a large sporting field
  • fitness circuit
  • volleyball areas
  • basketball court
  • netball court
  • long jump pit
  • handball courts
  • passive play spaces
  • prayer garden
  • dance stages
  • sensory play space
  • fairy garden
  • market garden
  • rock garden
  • active paths
  • infants’ trike track
  • sand pits
  • toy car track